• Amelita
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  • rich pink with numerious spots, and vivid yellow pollen
    Inside moderate purplish red (70A), throat strong purplish red (70B), outside deep purplish pink (70C); numerous spots mostly over mid-section of each petal; nectaries light yellow-green (145C); pollen vivid yellow (17A). Fls 70mm wide; petals 40 x 15mm, not ruffled, tips recurved. Lvs whorled, 120 x 65mm, mid green. Stems 1.1-1.2m, mid green, with c12 fls on unusually long pedicels. June.

    H:1982 &G:1987: F.Tarlton N:,I:&Reg:1993.

    Unnamed L. martagon hybrid x unnamed L. martagon hybrid
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